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Our meats are shipped coast to coast for FREE on orders OVER 20 Pounds.

Due to our handling fees our Shipping costs will follow the rules below. These rules apply to every state in the United States, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. A shipping surcharge will be applied to orders going to Alaska or Hawaii. A surcharge may also occur if your order is very small due to handling fees.


Our shipping fees are as follows: Up to 10 lbs. of product = $15.00 shipping fee.10-20 lbs. of product = $10.00 shipping fee. Orders over 20 lbs. of product = no shipping fees, which means FREE SHIPPING! Our item prices include dry ice or ice packs, and an insulated shipping container.

Want our advice? If you live near Mcpherson, shop in person for more savings!

Krehbiels Specialty Meats, Inc. is responsible for the meat arriving in safe condition. Our shipping methods have been designed and tested to ensure that your meat order arrives in pristine condition. Our meats typically arrive frozen solid, but rarely our meat may be starting to thaw. However, this isn't a cause for alarm. Starting to thaw is still much much colder than a refrigerator. In the off chance that our meat arrives this way, you will want to check the meat. To check the meat do as follows: Put a digital meat cooking thermometer between two meat packs and press the meat packs together. In order for the meat to be considered safe, the temperature must be less than 50 degrees fahrenheit. To put that in perspective for you, that is about the same temperature as the meat you would bring home from the grocery store. If a shipment is lost, delayed, or misdirected in route by the shipper, and ends up spoiled when you receive the package then we will refund you the full order amount. So in other terms, the shipping is just as important to us as it is to you!


Our shipping boxes are heavily insulated with sufficient coolant to keep the meat frozen for many hours longer than expected delivery. Furthermore, even if there are delays, the meat will probably still be as cold or colder than the meat in your home refrigerator. According to the USDA, the safe temperature for storing refrigerated meat is 40 degrees fahrenheit. Our products will be shipping to you at a temperature of -10 degrees fahrenheit. During the summer when temperatures can reach over 100 degrees fahrenheit, some deliveries may experience some partial thawing. Due to this, these partially thawed packages may not feel ice-cold to the touch. This is not a cause for concern, a slight increase in temperature can cause your package to feel a little bit soft even though it is still frozen. This meat can easily be refrozen with little or no  effects on the products. In comparison, meats that you purchase from the grocery store are cool at best by the time you get home, and we never question if it is still good to eat or not. Our meats will arrive much colder than that. A little tip from us to you is that larger orders stay frozen easier than the smaller orders!

In the off chance that severe weather, excess orders on holidays, and accidents during shipping occur, we are not responsible as this is out of our control. Furthermore, it is the customers responsibility that someone will be home at the shipping address to receive the package or that the package can be safely left at the shipping address. FedEx will not leave packages at multi-dwelling buildings with a shared entrance. FedEX also will not leave packages in areas that they deem unsafe. In most cases, FedEx will try to redeliver packages for a second day, but if these attempts fail then you will have to pick up the package from the local FedEx location. We are not asking for signatures on our packages so the shipper will ALWAYS leave the package.

To see how long it may take to ship to your location, check out our shipping days in transit maps below. We guarantee that we will choose the best shipping option for each location.

You may request a faster shipping delivery, however this won't come without additional charges. Please contact us at or call the office at 620-241-0103 to make these arrangements.

FedEx Ground Shipping Map

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